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Monday - Saturday 10am - 11pm
Sunday: Noon - 7 pm

Our Story

Sugarlands Distilling Company produces craft quality moonshine and whiskey. The distillery in downtown Gatlinburg, Tenn. is a popular attraction where guests are invited to taste free samples of authentic Sugarlands Shine, take behind the-scenes tours of the production, and purchase a variety of moonshine flavors, mountain merchandise, and apparel.


Distillery Notes

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The place we call home: a barn-house tucked into the Great Smoky Mountains. Four seasoned East Tennessee barns and houses were salvaged and repurposed to skin our exterior and interior walls, displaying a last century wooden patchwork of color and age.

Each piece of wood has it's own unique history.


The rustic blue and white painted wood used throughout the distillery interior was rescued from the Grey family home in the Cane Creek area of Tellico Plains. The home was built upon a brick foundation that pre-dates the civil war.  The wood was carefully selected for our distillery. It consists primarily of interior painted slabs taken from this warm family home.


The signature red wood came from an old barn in the Appalachian foothills of Tellico Plains, which was built and then painted by the Carriger family in the 1930's. A few of the light greenish/grey boards came out of the interior of a house in an area called Turkey Creek that also dates back to the Civil War.


The weathered brown and grey wood covering the distillery's exterior and some high interior walls were saved from a barn in Sweetwater. Built by a well-respected barn builder of the time by the name of Wilson, a copy of the handwritten deed of the property reveals it was most likely built in the late 1850's. It is all white oak wood. The brown was most likely interior wood protected from the elements, while the grey wood shows 150 years of cold mountain snows and the heat of Southern summers.


Fondly referred to as The Boss, our 1928 Ford Model AA truck sits inside our grand entrance hall. With a well-oiled hand crank, this one-ton pick-up becomes a dump truck perfect for hauling...oh..let's say heavy sacks of sugar, bushels of corn, and most likely mason jar-filled crates. The Model AA trucks were some of the first vehicles acquired by the U.S. Postal Service to deliver the mail. The Boss delivered other kinds of precious cargo, as well. Today he still runs like a dream, works when he damn well pleases, and can vanish in a heartbeat—even under a full moon.


Rest your feet and sit a spell on our Back Porch; an outdoor pine pavilion that includes our performance stage. The porch is ready for you to relax and savor your time with us at the distillery. We keep our calendar filled with regional and national musical acts, as well as talented local favorites. We highlight styles ranging from Appalachian Americana, old-timey, bluegrass pickin' jams to folk, acoustic, and singer-songwriter.

The Back Porch is also home to the Smoky Mountain Storytellers Association, which brings tale tellers to the stage from as close as our backyard to the world over. Check out our Happenings page for our up to date entertainment calendar and plan your next visit to hang out with us.


Guests can shop moonshine, mountain merchandise, apparel, books, music and more in the Trading Post. Visitors will find a collection of shirts, hats and other accessories to outfit your Sugarlands style. There's also a nifty assortment of gifts and tools for the outdoor adventurer. Since we care an awful lot about our Sugarlands Shine we've got glassware, flasks, and other gizmos to serve it up in fine fashion. Don't worry, we've got plenty of extra large bags for you to carry all your stuff. Visit the shop link to preview our full range of online Sugarlands Merchandise available.


We wanted to make it easy to sample our delicious Sugarlands Shine while you're visiting, so we constructed three octagon bars for folks to gather around. We call em Sippin' Posts. We've saved a place just for you to get acquainted with our friendly Tastemakers as they pour savory sips of all of our fine moonshine. At the Sippin' Post, you will find your favorite flavors of shine to take home and share with friends and family. #SipsUp


Although the recipes and craft of making moonshine are ages old, the Sugarlands Still House features custom-designed distilling equipment that produces a superior moonshine.

With one foot firmly planted in the past and the other in these modern times, the Still House is where our delicious Sugarlands Shine is made.

Our artisanal stone mill grinds grains like corn and rye into meal that is then mixed with pure Smoky Mountain water and is then moved to our giant cooker. From there, the liquid is transferred to the fermenter to simmer for a few days. When the time is right that "wash" is pumped into the copper pot still where it is heated and distilled. The alcohol vapor filters through the copper pipes and rises up through the plates of the distillation column, down through the chilling column to cool and is finally poured out of the Spirit Safe.

You can see the whole production through the screen windows or if you want to take a closer look you can book a free talk and tour. As long as you knock on our speakeasy door, whisper the password, keep mum,  and you are in!