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Girls, Guns and Glory


Howlin' Brothers


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805 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738



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Monday - Saturday 10am - 11pm
Sunday: Noon - 7 pm

Our Story

Sugarlands Distilling Company produces craft quality moonshine and whiskey. The distillery in downtown Gatlinburg, Tenn. is a popular attraction where guests are invited to taste free samples of authentic Sugarlands Shine, take behind the-scenes tours of the production, and purchase a variety of moonshine flavors, mountain merchandise, and apparel.


Shiloh Hill

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
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Free Show!

Sugarlands Spirit Stage

In an age of music where folk and “indie” is taking the world by storm it is not often that you find a band that not only understands their roots but also understands how to create a sound that’s continuously evolving and fully unique. Many artists have the ability of portraying exactly what’s expected from a genre but few recognize the importance and have the knowledge to be more and create a sound that moves outside of that prototypical genre. This is where Shiloh Hill comes in.


A project that focuses on a joint contribution of artists showcasing not only excellent songwriting and lyricism, but a simple yet effective ensemble of harmonizing vocals, guitars, banjo, and percussion. With just the right mix of folk, pop, and fireside feeling, each song has way of pulling you in and eventually taking you away. At certain moments you might find yourself with a desire to compare but that comes from what’s only seen on the surface. By the end of your first experience with Shiloh Hill, only visions of their music will be dancing in your head.






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Barefoot Movement

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