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805 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738



Distillery Hours:

Monday - Saturday 10am - 11pm
Sunday: Noon - 7 pm

Our Story

Sugarlands Distilling Company produces craft quality moonshine and whiskey. The distillery in downtown Gatlinburg, Tenn. is a popular attraction where guests are invited to taste free samples of authentic Sugarlands Shine, take behind the-scenes tours of the production, and purchase a variety of moonshine flavors, mountain merchandise, and apparel.

Blockader's Blackberry Old Fashioned Lemonade

Butterscotch Gold

40 proof

Butterscotch Gold brings out tastes of brown sugar, caramel, and vanilla that informs memories of kettle corn at the county fair. Slight hazelnut notes and a lingering cream flavor contribute to a long finish that cannot last long enough.


More Authentic Shine


Authentic Concoctions

Kookie Cookie

1oz Butterscotch Gold Moonshine
1oz Bailey’s
1/2oz Fireball Whiskey
Splash of Jagermeister

Shake and strain all ingredients over ice in a martini glass.

Hot Buttered Time Machine

1 1/2oz Butterscotch Gold Moonshine
Muddled 3 Fresh squeezed lemon slices
Muddled 1 orange slice
Splash of Gran Marnier
Hot water

Muddle lemon slices and orange slice in the bottom of a mug. Add Butterscotch Gold.

Double Scotch Shiner

1 1/2 oz Butterscotch Gold Moonshine
1oz Dewars White Label
½ oz Orgeat
5 Dashes Angostura bitters
Blackberry drizzle
Bruised mint leaf

Pour all ingredients into glass over crushed ice. Top with blackberry drizzle and bruised mint leaf.

Lucifer’s Nightcap

1 1/2oz Butterscotch Gold Moonshine
½ oz Chambord
Fresh blackberry.

Pour Butterscotch Gold Moonshine and Chambord into glass and stir. Top with cream and ice. Add blackberry to garnish.

The Joe Jennings

1 1/2oz Butterscotch Gold Moonshine
2oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream

Pour all ingredients over ice into rocks glass.


2 1/2 oz Butterscotch Gold Moonshine
1oz Milk
5-6 Dashes barrel-aged bitters
1 cherry
Fresh nutmeg

Shake all ingredients and serve over crushed ice. Garnish with a cherry and freshly ground nutmeg.